If you like engraved stamps, you are not alone. Many people have spent hours building websites that record the details of stamp engravers and designers. Some of them are listed below. If you would like to have your site included please email me. Clicking a link should open the site in a new page.



"Engraved Stamp Beauties". Stamp discussion board. This topic is about engraved stamps

"Collecting by Engraver". Stamp discussion board. This topic is about engraved stamps

AKPhilately's wonderful blog - all about stamp engravers

All the stamps from the great Czeslaw Slania A fantastic resource for the stamps of the U.S.A. Includes details of engravers and designers

Catawiki. A site dedicated to stamp designers

Smithsonian Postal Museum. Some stamps you will see here cannot be seen anywhere else.

Colnect on-line catalogue. Not just engraved stamps

Chinese philatelic web site.

Mainly French site promoting engraving and current engravers. Can be viewed in English or French

An article on women who engraved and designed some early U.S. Stamps

A very extensive gallery of Czech and Slovak stamp designers and engravers.

Information about world-wide stamp printing companies.

e-book on the history of the De La Rue printing company



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